Deserves a pizza #3

August 27th, 2009 by e-thang Leave a reply »

For helping me figure out why YourSQL stopped working (giving me a “No document could be created” error), my hat is off to oae.  It’s a Java thing. YourSQL doesn’t play well with Java 6, which I had set my computer to use.  The only thing I could add to oae’s post is that to change the Java settings on OSx, go to Applications->Utilities->Java->Java Preferences.  Then drag Java 5 to the top of the list.

So hopefully the 5 visitors I’ve had here will lend me enough Google street cred that this link to your blog brings you .3 visitors.

If you wonder why I was using your sequel or whether or not you had even written the first work requiring a sequel, then I can say with at least .9 certainty that this post doesn’t apply to you.


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