Apple never ceases to amaze me

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I can’t actually post screenshots, because it’s a work project again.  I got some html documents from our graphic designer, and I wanted to incorporate them into our code base.  Wanting to just get at the html code, I figure a simple text editor would do that for me.  I used Apple’s cra… amazing text editor TextEdit, foolishly thinking that like notepad or writepad on Windows I would see, you know, the text of that file.

This idiotic Apple piece of software tried interpreting the html document and rendering it as would a web browser.  I don’t see any mode switcher which would allow me to actually see the html either.

With absolutely 0 toolbars or the like for editing the content in a WYSIWYG manner, I’m dumbfounded.  How could that possibly be the best way to open this document?  If I used Dreamweaver, I could understand, because Dreamweave actually supports graphical development of html documents.  But it also has a simple and easy-to-find mode switcher to let me go back and forth.  And in that case, I still find the visual designer useless.

“Text”Edit has 0 graphical support that I can see (because Apple things are supposed to “just work” and be “intuitive,” I feel fine setting the bar that high) and no visible way of switching to “text edit” mode.

1 more example of Apple not living up to the hype surrounding.  In the 1 year+ I’ve been using the Mac platform I have been so underwhelmed.  It is every bit as frustrating as Windows, just in different areas.  If you like Apple’s stuff and can get work done with it, great.  Continue to do so.

The actual hardware is prettier though.  It’s nice that the Eye on the laptop’s lid lets everyone know how creative and unique I am.


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